Máquina de Reciclaje de Paneles Compuestos de Aluminio de ACP


Aluminum Composite Panels ACP Recycling Plant
With the more and more extensive application of aluminum-plastic plates, the waste aluminum-plastic plate is also growing day by day. Because aluminum and plastic are stuck together, it can not be used for aluminum recycling, nor can it be used for plastic production, but can only be used as garbage incineration, which not only aggravates environmental pollution but also wastes a lot of resources. Although aluminum and plastic can be reused by processing, aluminum and plastic are mixed together in the aluminum-plastic plate, which brings great difficulties to recycling. There are several recycling methods of aluminum and plastic in aluminum-plastic plates:

Aluminum Composite Panels ACP Recycling Plant Method 1. The discarded aluminum-plastic plate is mechanically crushed and heated to melt for the production of flowerpots or sewage pipes. Obviously, this method has a low recovery rate for aluminum and plastic.

Aluminum Composite Panels ACP Recycling Plant Method two. the aluminum-plastic plate burning, burning away the plastic leaving aluminum, but this will produce a lot of pollution gas, direct pollution of the environment, but also in the high-temperature burning will be part of the aluminum oxidation, bring difficulties to the regeneration;

Aluminum Composite Panels ACP Recycling PlantMethod 3. Using a hot plasma furnace, aluminum and plastic are vaporized at a high temperature of up to 15,000 degrees to 50,000 degrees, aluminum components sink and cast into aluminum ingots, plastic vaporized and condensed into gelatinous material after being used as chemical raw materials, but this method has a huge investment;

Aluminum Composite Panels ACP Recycling Plant Methods 4. put waste aluminum-plastic plate in a solution containing the separation material soak, using separation material through plastic film after dissolving, the aluminum layer to the aluminum foil and plastic film separation, but due to the separation of material – > is a strong acid and strong alkali, more can cause pollution to the environment, damage to equipment corrosion, but also can lead to the dissolution of the aluminum layer, not easy to industrialization.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine application

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Application

Aluminum Composite Panels ACP Recycling Plant Method 5. Waste aluminum-plastic plate recycling process, waste aluminum-plastic plate into the crushing equipment for crushing, crushing particle size is less than 12mm, and then sent to the grinding device for grinding; The material with particle size of no more than 3mm separated from the vibration screening equipment is separated into aluminum powder and plastic by the electrical separation equipment. The material with particle size of more than 3mm separated from the vibration screening equipment is the plastic protective film part.

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waste aluminum-plastic plate recycling video:

The main steps of waste aluminum-plastic plate recycling process are waste aluminum-plastic plate → crushing → grinding → screening → electrical selection, then plastic and aluminum powder can be separated; Technology in the separation process do not use strong acid and strong alkali kind of polluting substances, also does not have the burning process, fully automated control, save labor, improve work efficiency, isolated from the plastic parts can be directly used to make plastics, separation of aluminum parts used for the preparation of industrial aluminum powder directly, make waste aluminum-plastic plate to resource utilization, It can avoid the environmental pollution caused by the direct discarding of waste aluminum-plastic plates, and it is in line with the sustainable development strategy and has outstanding economic and social benefits. It can also be used for the separation of other waste aluminum-plastic products and copper-plastic products.

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