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Why we need a cable shredder for cable size reduction?

Power cables and cords are used in all-electric systems no matter in the civil field or in the industrial field. Every day a large quantity of broken, unused and aged cables are discarded everywhere, which takes up a large part of e-waste. Proper disposal of these scrap cables is very important to environmental protection as well as resource-saving. If letting the scrap cables end in landfill, it takes large space due to the bulky volume of cables, and also releases toxic that will do harm to both animals and human beings. Cable recycling really makes great sense. Cable recycling machines like cable shredder plays an important role in the whole cable recycling process.

Cables, used as the medium of power transmission, is formed with mainly three parts:
1. Electrical Conductor made of copper and aluminum 2. Insulation Layer that wraps up the conductors for protection. It is made of various plastic materials such as PVC, PE, PP, etc. 3. The protective jacket for bunching and shaping the conductors in regular patterns and material made into the protection jacket is PP cord. Besides the above main components, there are in fact hundreds of more material used for the construction of power cable. Nowadays power cable recycling has become quite a popular field due to its high economic value. Metal material like copper and aluminum takes up the majority composition in cable construction – about 60-70%, and plastic takes up about 15%. Both metal and plastic are high recyclable material that can turn into great benefit if being properly recycled. Copper and aluminum are 100% recyclable without loss of quality.

In the cable recycling process, shredding usually comes as the first step. Various types of cables after going through specialized shredder become small-sized articles with metal and plastic material separated. After further separating and melting process, new metallic material and plastic material is produced.

Wanrooe shredder range has many cable shredder models suitable for handling cables, including both single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder. Based on the exact type of cable to be shredded, the shredding capacity required, the final output shred size required, etc., our sales representative together with our engineer team will analyze and propose the most suitable and cost-effective cable shredder model to suit your need under the lowest cost.

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