Troubleshooting of plastic pelletizer


1、 screw running normal, but not expected
Reason: the hopper feed is not continuous; the feed port has a foreign body jam or produce “bridge”; the groove into the metal hard to plug the groove, can not feed;
Treatment: increase the amount of feed to make the screw feed continuously stable; stop the exclusion of foreign matter in the mouth to eliminate the “bridge” phenomenon; if you confirm a metal foreign body fell into the groove, should immediately shut down the screw, remove the metal foreign body.

2、 host does not turn or instantaneous shutdown
Cause: The main motor power is not connected; heating time is insufficient, or one of the heaters does not work, resulting in excessive torque makes the motor overload.
Solution: Check whether the host circuit is connected, turn on the power; check the temperature display, confirm the warm-up time, check the heater is damaged or have bad contact, and exclude.
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3、 exhaust vent material
Reason: the raw material is not clean enough with impurities; feed too fast makes the screw extrusion instability; plastic temperature is not enough screw extrusion into a problem.
Treatment: the raw materials to clean and then re-feed or replace the filter; reduce the amount of feed to make plastic stabilized screw smooth extrusion; improve the plasticization temperature (temperature should not be too high to prevent burn plastic, affecting the quality of production).

4、 main motor rotation, but the screw does not turn
Reason: drive V belt loose, wear skid; safety keys loose off or off.
Remedy: adjust the V center distance, tighten the belt, or replace the new V belt; check the security key, analyze the cause of the break, and replace the safety key.

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