What is plastic crusher


WANROOETECH Plastic crusher is a device for crushing waste plastics like plastic pipe plastic bottle plastic container plastic pallets . Plastic crusher is widely used in plastics recycling waste and scrap recycling from plants.

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1. plastic crusher:
Plastic crusher English name also known as the plastic grinder is mainly used for crushing all kinds of plastic and rubber plastic, such as plastic profile, tube, rod, wire, film, scrap rubber products, etc.. Material can be directly supplied to the extruder machine or injection machinery use, can also through basic granulation for regeneration usage. it can break defective products and outlet material recycling produced by the injection molding machines.

2. Plastic crusher principle:
Dived by high-speed rotary knife cutter through the motor, forming a relative motion tend between the process of high-speed motion knives with fixed knives, making use of a gap formed between the fixed knife and motive knife, to cut and crush a large piece of plastic. The plastic piece after crushing, the plastic particle then filter the output through a plastic mesh particle.

3. Plastic crusher is used for?
Can be used for cabinets, thin pipe, blow molded parts, bottles, shells and other re-crushing and recycling of waste plastics made from injection molding machine, or as an auxiliary machine for injection molding machine outlet material or defective parts for afresh use.

Hard plastic crushing machine:
ABS, PE, PP board sheet crushing and recycling.
Adopts sealed bearings, which maintain good bearing rotation for a long time; reasonable knife shape design, product granulation uniform; knives shrink handle, elegant appearance design.

Strong force plastic crusher:
a, The sheet-type knife structure we called V type blade is between claw knife and flat blade, suitable for crushing ordinary sheets, pipes, profiles, sheet and packaging materials.
b, It is a universal plastic shredder, use sealed bearings, can make bearing rotation for a long time in good condition; reasonable knife design, using steel alloy blade, product granulation uniform; knife seat with shrink handle treatment, and rigorous balance shape design nice.

Plastic pipe plastic crusher:
Suitable for crushing all kinds of medium and small plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipe, silicon core pipe and pipe crushing and recycling.
The unique design of tube crush type doghouse for the pipe material, easy smash into a long bar tubing, improve work efficiency. The optional device is: suction fan, storage tank, crushing and recycling system consisting of pipe crushing machine system, which can create more full recovery efficiency.

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