About Changing The Company English Name


About Changing the Company English Name: Dec. 3, 2012
Today we held the company board of directors, and agreed by the government, decided to change our company name, as follows, and in late December, 2012. We will put forward a plan for the shareholders committee to consider. It is hereby announced that.
1. The new company name: WANROOE MACHINERY CO., LTD.
2. Change day: 15 December 2012 (provisional)
3. Changing reason:
In order to make the whole group growth to be the leading global brand, additionally make the company’s brand and Chinese meaning more closely, today the company board of directors decided and the government approved, the company English name change to be “WANROOE”, in addition, the company Chinese name and all other constant are same like before. Take this as an opportunity, we will strengthen our group overall brand strategy. In this year’s start implementation “the group management policy 2013”, this paper expounds the group most important goal is to strengthen the group management this guideline. In the future, as the company name changed to “WANROOE”, the group related enterprise within the company name will also add “WANROOE”, make “WANROOE” as the group’s global brand, in the ascension its value at the same time, looking to enhance group staff’s cohesive force, carry forward the group characteristics, to strengthen the group management.
From the date of this announcement, “WANROOE” foreign business agreement is signed all use WANROOE MACHINERY CO., LTD. Signed name. The original ZHANGJIAGANG PALLMANN GROUP CO., LTD. Signed business agreement users have received this announcement in after all can contact customer manager to deal with formalities of contract variation.
We apologize for any inconvenience because of changing our company name. We will, as always, to provide you with quality services.
It is hereby announced that.

Dec. 3, 2012