Comparison of three medical waste disposal methods


At present, the main international high temperature steam sterilization process of the main process has three kinds: first crushing after sterilization, sterilization at the same time crushing, sterilization after crushing first.
First crushing and then sterilization machine
According to the investigation results of the National Institute of Health of the United States on the garbage treatment plant in Washington State using crushing before sterilization, crushing is carried out in an airtight environment, and a large number of hematogenic bacteria are completely sealed in the crushing process in an integrated machine. Sterilization is carried out after crushing, and the whole broken part is also sterilized, so it is not easy to leak blood-borne germs and spread germs, and it is very convenient for maintenance. And the crusher is easy to clean and disinfect after pollution.
Crushing at the same time of sterilization (drum mixing treatment)

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This is the disposal technology represented by Canada, but it has not been mass-produced and entered the commercial market. Theoretically speaking, stirring is conducive to fully exposing the waste to high temperature and high pressure environment and realizing the complete sterilization of the waste. However, in actual operation, it is easy to have problems such as poor waste discharge and affecting work efficiency, and the sterilization room is not easy to clean, and it is not easy to maintain.
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First sterilize and then crushing 
This is the most widely used processing technology in North America and other countries represented by the United States. The medical waste is put into a special sterilization vehicle and entered into the sterilization chamber for sterilization. After the treatment, the waste will be poured into the crusher for destructing treatment, and then compressed to reduce capacity and then sent to the landfill.
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Biomedical Waste Medical Drug Pharma Sterilizer Shredder MachineThrough the actual investigation and the comparative analysis of the three processes, the treatment process of first sterilization and crushing, crushing and sterilization integrated machine has obvious advantages over other processes:
The technology can avoid the spread of bacteria before medical waste is treated
The sterilizer with this technology can meet the requirement of changing the quantity of medical waste more easily and can realize the continuous or intermittent operation
The working process of medical waste treatment has better automatic control, avoiding the existence of human factors and effectively protecting the safety of employees
I have more mature experience in the process of sterilization followed by crushing

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