Plastic Pelletizing Machine Common Questions and Answers


1. Q: Plastic pelletizing Machineproduction capacity or output?
Plastic pelletizing MachineWANROOETECH output per hour of 20kg ~ 3000kg range.
The main output level, the size of the machine is determined by the size of the machine is determined by the diameter of the screw, screw diameter figure represents the model of the machine.
For example, the host of the screw diameter of 150mm, then this model Plastic granules equipment
Plastic granules equipment of different manufacturers of machines, even the same model, because the larger the difference between technical and technological standards, the yield difference may be very large. The same model Plastic granules equipment, poor yields and may even reach 2 to 3 times. Therefore, the client machine when the consultation, they need to be in order to yield the standard, rather than in the standard model.

2. Q: Plastic pelletizing machine power consumption is the number?
Plastic pelletizing machine with a total installed capacity of power related. The total installed capacity is based on simple machines all motor power and heating power is derived by adding.
Hourly power consumption can be 0.3 to 0.55 power factor to outline projections. For example, the total installed capacity of 120kw, hour power consumption 0.3 * 120kw ~ 0.55 * 120kw. That is 36 degrees to 66 degrees.
The actual power consumption with raw materials, mechanical design, and use the operating related.
The moisture content of the raw material, containing the impurity is a major factor affecting power consumption.
Well designed, high-precision processing and assembly, the installation of the drive, the rational use of the heater element can save power consumption.
Using all-day non-stop production, skilled workers, reasonable thermostat setting, you can effectively save energy.
Simple and practical power consumption in the form is tons of power consumption.
Different plastics tons of power consumption is generally between 280 degrees to 600 degrees. Most of the plastic granules equipment’s ton of power consumption is about 300 degrees.
WANROOETECH Plastic granules equipment, uphold the technological advantages, and actively explore the development of energy-saving granulator, production machinery and mechanical specifications compared with peers, tons of power consumption savings of about 20%. For industry, energy and environmental protection, made an example.

3. Q: What is the role of plastic pelletizing machine’s die head?
Plastic pelletizing machine’s die head role is: let the plastic packing in the nose direction, styling, continuous extrusion.
There is a hydraulic screen changer where you can change the die, do recycled plastic when using different number of mesh screen; you can get different level clarity plastic pellets.
Plastic through a hydraulic screen changer, perforated plates, can also play some plastics, homogenization.
Plastic pelletizing machine’s die head, how to choose?

4 Q: Plastic pelletizing machine,which cutting method is best?
PET,PC, PP, noodle type;
PE,LLDPE, HDPE, ABS etc, water ring pelletizier.

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