PNSS-1000 Model Tire Shredder Installed in CostaRica


PNSS-1000A tire shredder (double shaft shredder), heavy-duty tire shredder well-known as their powerful, extremely high quality and the universal applications from WANROOTECH Shredding system, are now operating in the biggest tire process company located in Costa Rica for production of ALTERNATIVE FUELS (RDF) through processing informs the used car and truck tire, wood pallet, domestic waste, bulky waste as well as remains the from process the processes and industrial waste.
There is one set PNSS-1000 tire shredder that is required for this alternative fuels production. Our innovative processing solutions, it satisfies the end customer and have been operated about 6 months already. Now they are discussing with our engineers to enlarge the production, and are planning to intallat a much more big production line,which will be configured three stage shredding system. That is really a good news!

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