Traffic Road Safety Barrier Shredder Crusher Recycling Machine


Why recycle traffic barriers?
The traffic barrier is a device for controlling traffic. It is generally used for the exit of the highway as an emergency exit, and there are high-level road crossroads, toll stations, roads, bridges, parking lots, stations, terminals, shopping malls, squares, highways. Road maintenance, residential, sports venue, dangerous area and road construction area, gathering place temporary isolation column, etc. Order maintenance of competitive performance situations. An event from the security required barrier to the need for temporary traffic. It has convenient handling, saving handmanship and cost. Flexible use, you can follow any road bend, or you can place the warning light. Plastic barrier materials are generally PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE.
Because the guardrail is essentially a plastic beam water appliance, it will lose weight if it is punctured and drained. Damage or no horses will also breed mosquitoes, so there are thousands of traffic barrier supplies such as raising horses every year, and the recycling of traffic barriers is a big market.

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How to recycle traffic barriers?
Transport barrier recycling can reduce waste in the landfill, and saves resources to generate new HDPE and PE materials. Therefore, it is easy to understand why we should encourage recycling traffic barriers.
Recycling Solution:
1. Tear the plastic traffic barrier through the shredder, and more crusher through the crusher to obtain plastic particles;
2, the plastic traffic barrier is torn through the shredder, and the crusher is further pulverized, and the plastic particles are obtained, and the grinding is grinded with plastic pulverizer, resulting in 10-120 mesh plastic powder;
3. You can enter different shapes and forms of traffic barrier waste into the shredder for pulverizing, washing, and granulating particles for new raw materials. These particles can then be melted to further refine the polymer and cool into particles made in the new HDPE product. Recycling facilities can also be used to compress the waste to save transportation costs. This plastic traffic barrier has greatly reduced the amount, protecting the environment, saves resources and creates new economic cash flow.

WANROOETECH traffic barrier recycling
For different capacity requirements, we can provide different sizes of shredders, crushers, and custom screen sizes to meet your ideal final product size. For injection molding purposes, small-sized granulars are the most popular. In addition, different sizes of screens can be tailored to achieve the ideal final particle size. Therefore, if you reduce the size of the injection molding waste, you can customize your needs and find the most suitable plastic crusher and shredder machine.

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