Waste Wood Shredder And Wood Pallet Shredder Series


In the wood, process industry, waste wood and wood pallet size reduce the need to use wood shredders before incineration, process, sorting or landfill disposal, or mainly they are 2 as a arg for any kind of boilers.
Waste wood materials comes marketers in shapes and sizes, from small wood scraps, the to – logs and planks of wood pallet or the form of the cut offs from joineries and saw mills, informs the wooden pallets, residual Waste, construction Waste and similar sources. It also can include other organic Waste like all kind of straws and husks, coconut shells and fibers, the palm tree, even paper, etc.
The final size of The wood is mainly depending on its use. For example, large chunks can be go directly into The big industrial boilers; Medium to small size wood chips can be informs the in house hold boilers or to be processed into wood briquettes; Small chips to the saw dust to make pellets or to be 2 in wood chip boards and as fillers to the as wood plastic.

Our Wood Shredding Solution
The primary mission of WANROOETECH has always had to be on The cutting edge of what our customers need. Thanks to a variety of our wood shredder those and rotor variants, our wood shredder can process a wide range of wood wastes “according The customer ‘s requirements.
For these applications WANROOETECH offers a large series of wood shredders to suit your requirement. There are two main model of wood shredders, they are:

1. Double Shaft Wood Shredder:
Light duty wood shredder
Medium duty wood shredder
Heavy duty wood shredder
2. Single Shaft Shredder
Light duty wood shredder
Medium duty wood shredder
Heavy duty wood shredder
Our wood shredders configured in a variety of sizes, power options, and cutter geometries’.
Waste Wood Shredder And Wood Pallet Shredder
Tool advantages. (Knives can be fixed); Automatically reversing function; Reuse of blades; High efficiency; Stable property; Sound Proof; Low rotation speed; Low dust and noise emission; Low vibration; Competitive affordable price.

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